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How to Measure for Roman Blinds

-- Use a metal tape measure, fabric tape measures can stretch affecting the measurements.

-- All measurements in cm please.

-- If more than one blind is to be fitted to a single window then the sizes for each individual blind are needed

-- Of course any questions please contact us.

EU Child Safety Regulations

There are strict guidelines as to how blinds are supplied with respect to child safety

All the blinds that we supply comply with these regulations. However to be compliant we will need to know the measurement from the point the blind will be fixed to the wall to the floor?

If this measurement is less than 2.5m then when you order we will need to discuss options for the chain. In a nutshell this means either the chain is a continuous chain or whether it needs to have a breakaway mechanism fitted. We will explain all this if we need to but as far as the blind goes it's not a big deal. As far as the regulations go, it is.

Inside vs Outside the Window Recess

-- Decide whether you want the blind to be fitted within the window recess or outside the recess.

-- If you decide to fit the blind inside the recess investigate whether it'll be fitted to the top of the recess or the window face, i.e. the frame. See below for details.

Inside: Pros

-- Looks neat and compact

-- Requires less fabric

Inside: Cons

-- May hit items that are on the window sill when lowered.

-- Lets in less light.

Outside: Pros

-- Lets in more light when up as it's positioned further up the wall.

Outside: Cons

-- Requires more fabric

-- Will leave a small gap at the edges to the depth of the headrail.

How to Measure Inside the Window Recess

blinds inside recess

-- Width (A). Measure in 2 or 3 places and take the smallest measurement.

-- Drop (B). Measure in 2 or 3 places and take the smallest measurement.


-- When measuring take into account anything that is protruding, i.e. window handles, locks etc. that make catch the blind as it is raised and lowered.

-- When fitted the blind will sit 4.5cm from the rear of the brackets. Take this into account if measuring an angular recess.

-- A blind inside the recess is not suitable if the window is extremely small, if the recess is not very square or the window opens inwards, assuming you ever open the window.

-- Measure the recess exactly. We will adjust by 1cm to ensure a smooth operation of the blind.

How to Measure Outside the Window Recess

blinds outside recess

-- Also suitable if there is no recess, just a straight wall.

-- Width (A). Measure the width of the window and add 5-10cm to each side depending on how much overlap you want for the fabric when the blind is down.

-- Drop (B). Measure from where you want to blind to be fitted down to where you would like the blind to extend when down. As a guide 5-10cm from above the window to at least to the bottom of the window sill or 2cm above the radiator, if applicable.

-- If you have a baton fitted to the wall you may want to consider measuring the blind so that it's the width of the baton. In this way none of the baton is visible.

-- The measurements that you provide will be the area that the blind will cover when in the down position.

How to Measure Bay Windows

-- When measuring for blinds inside bay windows you need to take into account the fixing brackets that protrude 4.5cm from the rear of the bracket.

-- See the diagrams below.

-- The process of measuring each individual blind that are going in the bay is exactly the same as detailed above.

-- Of course, any questions please contact us.

blinds bay window