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Blinds can be a good alternative to curtains where space is more limited, or in areas such as a kitchen, where a curtain is likely to get wet or in the way. All our blinds are made to measure and our Roman Blinds use a high quality mechanism and comply with all relevant EU child safety legislation.

They can be fitted inside or outside a recess, there is no right or wrong. Outside a recess means that the blind can be drawn up higher above the top of the window, allowing more light in or inside the recess uses less fabric and can look really neat, but will hit any objects on the sill when drawn down. When deciding, look for any objects that may get in the way, such as window catches, or a part tiled area, which makes a recess smaller at the bottom than at the top.

All our blinds are made to measure using your chosen fabric. However choosing your fabric is just one of the choices you have such as the style of the blind, the lining type and whether to have them interlined. You can also choose the type of chain, whether to have a pelmet or to accessorise the blind. Finally we can make a selection of cushions using the same fabric as your curtains. A great coordinated look. As always any questions please contact us.

All the blind options you have are detailed below.

blinds blinds

Style Options

blind style options

Blind Style Options

As well as Roman Blinds there are other styles of blind to consider. Please call or email us for advice, or for a quote.

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blind lining options

Blind Lining Options

You can choose from 100% cotton lining, a good quality polycotton lining, blackout, thermal, or a coloured cotton lining fabrics. As well as the lining you can choose to have the blinds interlined, make them warmer and fuller.

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blind accessories options

Blind Accessories

There are many ways to add that little extra to your blinds. The colour and style of the chain, a pelmet can add style and trims, contrast fabric or borders can add interest. Also just having some cushions made from the same fabric can coordinate a room.

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