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Types of Curtain Headings

Choosing a curtain heading style can make a real difference to the look of a room. For elegance consider a handmade triple pleat, or how about a tab top to complement a decorative pole or a pole-through heading for a door curtain. Door curtains, incidentally, are a great way to stop those cold drafts. We have one across our front door and it's made a big difference.

1, 3 or 6 inch pencil pleat

1 inch headings are used mainly for voiles but can also be used when sewn just below the top of the curtain to create a frill-top effect.

3 inch pencil pleat are perfect for most curtains. This basic, economical standard heading can be used with both curtain tracks and poles. Usually 2 to 2 1/2 times fullness.

6 inch pencil pleat are similar to the 3 inch but work especially well on longer floor length curtains, as it gives a deeper gather to the heading.

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6 inch heading tape

Handmade Double or Triple pleat

Suitable for both tracks and poles, this static heading produces a more formal style. It is handmade to fit your window size exactly, and can be made with either 2 or 3 folds in each pleat. Why not add extra detail, such as a covered button at the base of each pleat to create extra interest. This style uses more fabric than a standard pencil pleat heading, please contact us for more details.

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triple pleat heading tape

Pole Through

A great economical strong heading tape with tabs on the back that the pole threads through to create 'waves' on the front. This can be used with most fabrics, and curtains can be made using 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 times fullness to create different effects. The use of less fullness works well for door curtains where there may not be much room at the side of the door when the curtain is drawn back.

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Pole through heading tape

Tab Top

Handmade tab-top can be used with curtain poles only. No curtain rings are required as the handmade tabs slot directly onto your curtain pole. These work well on lighter weight fabrics and can be made with a fullness from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2, depending on your preference. The tabs can be made in the same fabric as the curtain, or in a co-ordinating fabric.

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Tab top heading tape

Bespoke Headings

In addition to heading tapes curtains can also be bespoke, such as:

--Shaped tops: handmade at the top to fit your shaped window, such as an arch or angular shape. I will need a template of your window shape to create this.

--Italian stringing: a formal style suited to long slim windows where the curtains are not likely to be frequently drawn. Rings are sewn onto the back at an angle, and strung together to create a 'tie back' effect.

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Other Headings

We can also supply many other heading types as follows. Please call or email us for a quote.

Eyelet heading: Eyelets are fixed to the top of the curtain and the pole slots through these. These can be great for children's rooms as the eyelets come in a range of different shapes and colours.

Handmade goblet pleat: A formal static heading, made into a goblet shape and filled with wadding to hold them in place.

Puffed heading: This is made using a standard 3 inch heading tape but the tape is placed below the top of the fabric allowing the curtain to 'puff' out at the top. These are suitable for both a curtain rail or pole.

Slotted heading: Another economical heading, perfect for lightweight fabrics, where the fabric is folded over at the top to create a tube. This method is also used for sheers and threaded onto a thin rod or wire.

Handmade box pleat: A static heading, more suited to fixed headings, such as curtain valances, as the box style pleats allow limited stack back on the curtains.

eyelet curtain heading goblet pleat curtain heading puff curtain heading