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Types of Curtain Linings

Choosing a curtain lining is about how you want the curtains to look when they're hung but also about the type of room they're for. For instance interlined curtains can look very plush when hung, whereas thermal ling is excellent for bathrooms or drafty windows. Blackout is perfect for bedrooms, especially during the brighter evenings in summer and for children's bedrooms.


A good polycotton lining suitable for all curtains.


A more luxurious 100% cotton lining. This lining will make your curtains hang better.


As the name suggest, a useful lining if you want a dark room when the curtains are drawn. Often used in bedrooms. Can also help with draughts.


This lining is very effective at draughty windows or in bathrooms, making a room feel warmer.

Coloured Linings

Lining doesn't just come in a cream colour. There are many different options. A coloured lining can be striking as a contrast colour.


In addition to the above lining you may choose to also interline your curtains. This adds a fullness and plushness to the curtains and has thermal properties.