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Types of Curtain Accessories

As well as choosing your heading type and lining you may also want to consider accessorising your curtains with pelmets, tie backs, a leading edge or completing the look with matching cushions, bedding, tableware etc. Please call or email us to discuss or for a quote


A pelmet can be formal or contemporary but either way it can add a luxury look to your curtains. The finished pelmet can be straight or shaped.

curtains with pelmet

Tie Backs

Tie Backs can be in many different styles and can use the same fabric as your curtains or not. Can be useful for small windows so as to let in more light.

curtains with tiebacks

A Leading Edge or border

A very under used style. A leading edge is a strip of contrast fabric added to the edge of the curtain. When drawn, the leading edges from each curtain meet in the middle. A border can be added to the outside edge of the curtain. With the right fabric they can add a striking effect to any style of curtains.

curtain with a leading edge

Patchwork curtions

--Patchwork curtains: a fun, totally unique curtain, made from remnants or other fabric pieces of your choice to suit your room. Choose 1 or 2 main colours and you'll find it amazing how different fabrics can go together. These can liven up an otherwise neutral room, and look great made into a door curtain. Any heading can be used for this style.

patchwork curtains


Having cushions spread over your sofas or bed that match the fabric in the curtains never fails to impress and add a completeness to any room.

curtains with matching cushions


Bed throws, pillow cases are just two examples of bedding that can be coordinated or contrast with your curtains.


Table runners can also be coordinated to your other soft furnishings, including curtains.