The blinds product page

Blind Styles

Blinds come in many styles. From Roman Blinds, our most popular, for which you can get a quote on-line to the very elegant London Blinds. There is plenty of choice. As always please give us a call or email us for more information of for a quote.

Roman Blinds

These are very neat looking blinds, which, when drawn, fold up behind the top of the blind. They can be made from most fabrics, producing different effects, and can be interlined or just lined. See linings for more details.

The blinds come attached to a kit, so all you need to do is fix a couple of brackets to your wall or ceiling, and clip the kit in.

As with all our products they are handmade to your specifications. We do not produce ready-made products.

There are 2 different styles of kit:

Rotary chain kit.

These come with various chains, and are suitable for the vast majority of fabrics, and the most popular type of kit.

Rotary chain kit with hidden mechanism.

These again come with the same variety of chains but the mechanisms at the back are hidden in the headrail.

Pros and cons

The rotary chain kit is suitable for pretty much any window type, but as you can see from the photo on the right the mechanism can be seen from outside if placed in a recess. Compare that with the other photo that shows a hidden mechanism kit from outside. If you are placing a blind in a recess on the ground floor where it may be seen you may want to consider a hidden mechanism kit.

Roman blinds can be made up to 300cm wide and a drop of 260cm. I would however recommend that for a 300cm wide area you also consider if 2 or 3 smaller blinds may work better.


Roman Blinds use chains to raise and lower the fabric. The chain can be in a variety of styles, including a white plastic chain, brass, chrome, nickel, antique brass, antique silver, black nickel and gold. Antique brass and antique silver have a matte finish, gold is very shiny. Antique silver and brass are popular at the moment. White plastic chains will do the job but the metal chains add a lovely finish. Choose a chain that works well with your chosen fabric.

Other Blinds

Swedish Blinds

These are simple blinds with a main fabric on the front and a contrast fabric on the back. Cords run from the headrail at the top of the back, under the bottom of the blind and through rings attached to the front at the top. When pulled they roll up from the bottom, showing the contrast fabric.

They are suitable for lighter weight fabrics, and where the width of the blind is less than 130cm. A cleat is needed to wrap the cords round to hold the blind up. Instead of cord, thin coloured ribbon can also be used to coordinate with your fabric. When drawn up they can be quite small rolls, so are suitable in areas where you would want to let as much light in as possible, or not restrict a view. Both the main and contrast fabrics should be of similar weight for the best effect.

London Blinds

These are blinds with inverted vertical pleats, that draw up from the middle of the pleat creating a swag look effect, without being frilly.

They are suitable for fabrics that drape well, and are supplied using the same kit headrails as the Roman blinds.

Fan blind

A blind where the base of the blind is shaped like a fan.

Tied blind

Suitable for voiles this blind is made with a fixed tied height. An elegant alternative to net curtains.

Cascade blind

A type of Roman Blind which fold in a way where each section is slightly longer than the preceding, so smaller folds occur towards the top creating a cascade effect.

Eyelet blind

These blinds fold using eyelets down the length of the blind. Less formal than roman blinds.